Biometrics Time And Attendance MB200

Biometrics Time and Attendance MB200

Biometrics Time and Attendance MB200 is an Identix Series face based device with Face Capacity of 400 and can also store fingerprint templates upto 500.It can also access Cards and provides Card Storage upto 1000.Its identification speed is less than “0.5 second” which helps in avoiding long queues.It provides Transaction Storage of 80,000.

Standard features Work Code, SMS, DST, Scheduled-bell, Self-Service Query, Automatic
Status Switch, T9 Input, Photo ID, Camera.

It is used mainly in Time and Attendance management purposes, Canteens, Schools,
Production Management, Gym & clubs,etc.



FeaturesBrochureSoftwareInstallation Diagram

Face Capacity          400
Record Capacity     80,000
Card Storage           1000
Display                     2.8″ Color TFT

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