Turnstiles and Barriers

Turnstiles and Barriers are different ways to implement security solutions at different places as per the requirement.Turnstiles and Barriers are used to raise the security standard. They are highly accurate and reliable used to protect and calculate attendance too. Turnstiles and Barriers uses some mechanism for their function. Turnstile allow single direction and single person passage at a time whereas Barrier allow many people to pass in both direction. They are installed at entry and exit places.


A turnstile is another way to implement security solutions. It is also known as a baffle gate. Turnstile is a kind of gate which allows single person to pass at a time. It is also used to control traffic at a crowded place to maintain discipline. It only allows those persons who have a coin, a ticket, a card or a pass or something similar. These access cards or tickets can be used at the place for which they are coded for. Based on this we can also call a turnstile a faregate or a ticket barrier. Turnstiles can be used at places like metro stations i.e.  public transport places, malls, offices, etc. It restricts access to only authorized people.

It can be seen from different perspects like at Corporate places or business houses turnstiles provides accurate attendance, at Security places it is hard to pass through turnstiles which helps security persons to have a clear view of each people who enters or exits i.e. they can easily identify everyone when some serious problem occurs. Turnstiles helps to prohibit trouble causing materials.

Turnstiles are used to raise security standards. They are very fast and accurate which saves time.

For those persons who are physically challenged faces difficulties in using turnstiles. So to avoid it a wide aisle gate or a manual gate is provided. At places where luggage is expected,a line of turnstiles is formed there.Turnstiles uses mechanism to allow the rotation of the stile in single direction only.

Turnstiles are categorized as:-

Turnstile TS 1000 Turnstile TS 1011 Turnstile TS 1022
[gmedia id=40]
Full Height Turnstile 538




Barrier means to stop someone at a particular point. Regarding security Barriers are used to create an obstacle to control or to block passage in the desired direction. The function of barriers is somewhat similar to that of turnstiles. It prevents passage into military area or at places where one should not enter . It helps to remain safe and secure. They are usually implemented at protected or hazardous places so that no one can enter there.

Barriers are high security solution. They are implemented at large places.

Barriers are categorized as:-
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Flap Barrier Swing Barrier Boom Barrier Gate

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