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Automatic Bell System

Automatic Bell System

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The Automatic Bell System offers efficient and reliable bell scheduling for any setting. With its advanced technology and automated features, it ensures precise and timely notifications. Say goodbye to manual bell adjustments and hello to a seamless schedule, increasing productivity and organization.


India’s First Automatic School Bell System With Provision To Mount Micro-SD Card It offers female voice narrations of periods, lunch time, school off & Traditional Tan-Tan type of sound.

The Automatic Bell System is a versatile and efficient tool designed for educational facilities. With its provision to mount a micro-sd card, users can easily choose their desired sound files. Compatible with any branded amplifier and speaker system, it offers 53 pre-loaded bell sounds and supports up to 99 female vocal narrations. It also allows for 120 holidays to be programmed and has memory to store 24 different schedules. Available with 32GB micro-SD card compatibility, this system supports MP3, WAV, and WMA sound file formats.

System with MicroSD Card Mounting Provision: Allows Users to Select Preferred Sound Files

- Ringer Compatibility: Any Branded Amplifier and Speaker System (PA System) or Super Sync Sound Box Available
- Pre-Loaded Bell Sound File
- Pre-Loaded Bell Sound Types
- MicroSD Card Compatibility: Supports up to 32GB MicroSD Card
- Supporting Sound File Formats: MP3, WAV, and WMA
- Total Bells a Day: 53 Sounds, Can Upload Up to 99
- Female Vocal Narrating: Period Number, School Start/Off, Break, and Traditional Tan-Tan Sound
- Programming Modes: 50 Programming Calendars
- Calendar Holidays Programming: 120 Holidays in a Year, Summer, Winter, and Exam
- Each Day of the Week Can Have a Separate Schedule
- Memory to Store Schedules: 24 Different Schedules Can Be Pre-Stored

Program Your School Schedule and Let the Machine Automatically Ring Your Bells Throughout the Day.


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