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  • FaceCapacity:50,000,
  • Screen: Screen with a full-view no less than 170 degree,
  • Camera Resolution: 800×1280,
  • Communication Mode: WIFI, TCP/IP,
  • Bell Loudspeaker: Built-in 2W loudspeaker
Introducing our advanced facial recognition system, the perfect solution for any organization that needs secure and convenient access control. With a FaceCapacity of 50,000, this device can handle even the busiest of facilities with ease.The Screen on this device is designed with a full-view no less than 170 degrees, ensuring that you can clearly see the user's face and iris for authentication. The Camera Resolution is 800×1280, which provides clear images for identification purposes.The Communication Mode includes WIFI and TCP/IP, allowing for seamless integration with your existing network infrastructure. The Bell Loudspeaker is built-in with a 2W speaker for clear communication with users. The Fill-in Light is automatic infrared fill-in, which ensures accurate facial recognition even in low light conditions.The Microphone is used for video calls and message leaving, allowing for easy communication between users and administrators. The Recognition Distance is 40cm-70cm, providing full coverage of the user's face and iris. The Recognition Mode includes face, iris, and multimodal recognition, ensuring high accuracy and security.The Card Reader supports M1 card/second-generation ID card (optional), making it easy for users to access the facility with their existing identification. The Distance Sensor is automatic, activating when a human body is detected in proximity.The Temperature Measurement Mode is height-adaptive and automatic rotational temperature measurement, ensuring accurate readings for all users. The Temperature Measurement Accuracy is ±0.3OC. In addition, the Health QR code function is available, providing an extra layer of protection for your organization.Overall, this facial recognition system is an excellent investment for any organization looking to enhance their security while providing a seamless and convenient experience for their users.


  • FaceCapacity:50,000
  • Screen: Screen with a full-view no less than 170 degree
  • Camera Resolution: 800×1280
  • Communication Mode: WIFI, TCP/IP
  • Bell Loudspeaker: Built-in 2W loudspeaker
  • Fill-in Light: Automatic infrared fill-in
  • Microphone: Used in video call and message leaving
  • Recognition Distance: 40cm-70cm (Full-coverage of iris and face)
  • Recognition Mode: Face, iris and multimodal recognition
  • Card Reader: Support M1 card/second-generation ID card (optional)
  • Distance Sensor: Automatic activation by sensing movement of human body
  • Temperature Measurement Mode: Height-adaptive automatic rotational temperature measurement
  • Temperature Measurement Accuracy: ±0.3OC Other Functions: Health QR code available
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