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Face Attendance Machine SPEEDFACE-5

Face Attendance Machine SPEEDFACE-5

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Enhance your security and efficiency with the SPEEDFACE-5 Face Attendance Machine. Combining AI face recognition technology with a deep learning algorithm, this high-performance terminal offers quick and accurate recognition in both 1:1 and 1:N modes. Plus, its embedded card reader provides added convenience for users.

  • Face Capacity: Embrace up to 50,000 faces, each one a unique story waiting to be recognized.
  • Card Capacity: Hold the essence of 50,000 individuals, each card representing a connection waiting to be made.
  • Max User: Welcome up to 50,000 users into a world of possibilities and opportunities.
  • Logs Capacity: Store up to 200,000 moments of connection, each one a testament to the power of recognition.
  • Living Body Detection: Feel the heartbeat of humanity with support for living body detection, ensuring every interaction is genuine and heartfelt.
  • Stranger Detection: Safeguard against the unknown with support for stranger detection, creating a space where trust can flourish.
  • Recognition Distance Configuration: Customize the distance of recognition, bringing people closer together in a world that sometimes feels too far apart.
  • Remote Upgrade: Evolve and adapt with support for remote upgrades, ensuring you're always up to date with the latest advancements.
  • Deployment: Whether on a public network or within the warmth of LAN, find your place in a world that's always connected.
  • Operating System: Powered by Linux, a testament to the strength and resilience of open-source technology.
  • CPU: Driven by a dual-core ARM Cortex CPU, each action performed with precision and purpose.
  • Display Screen: Immerse yourself in a 5-inch IPS all-sight LCD touch screen, where every touch is a moment of connection.
  • Resolution: See the world in vibrant detail with a resolution of 854 * 480, each pixel a testament to the beauty of human connection.
  • Serial Communication Interface: Connect and communicate with ease through a 1-way RS-232 interface, bridging the gap between technology and humanity.
  • Relay Output: Open the door to new possibilities with 1-way door-opening signal output, inviting others into your world with open arms.
  • Wiegand Out: Say yes to new experiences with Wiegand out capabilities, opening doors to endless opportunities.
  • Signal Input: Embrace connectivity with 2-way signal input, where every input is a step closer to understanding.
  • Network Interface: Stay connected to the world around you with a 1-way 100M Ethernet interface, where every connection is a lifeline.
  • Reset Interface: Find solace in the simplicity of a reset button, a reminder that sometimes a fresh start is all we need.
  • Card Option: Choose Mifare as your card option, a symbol of security and reliability in an ever-changing world.
  • USB Interface: Connect and share with a 1-way Type-A USB interface, where every connection is an opportunity for growth.
  • Audio Output: While not supported, the silence speaks volumes, inviting you to listen to the rhythm of your own heartbeat.
  • Video Output: Similarly not supported, encouraging you to see the world through your own eyes and create your own narrative.
  • Speaker: Find comfort in the presence of a built-in speaker, a reminder that even in silence, there is warmth and connection.
  • Alarm Interface: Stay vigilant with 2-way alarm input, a beacon of safety in a world sometimes filled with uncertainty.
  • Tamper Button: Stand strong against adversity with a tamper button, a symbol of resilience in the face of challenges.
  • Heat Module: While not supported, feel the warmth of human connection that transcends the limitations of technology.
  • Protection Grade: With an IP54 rating, rest assured that you're protected against the elements, ready to weather any storm.
  • Power: Powered by DC 12V/2A, a reminder that even in darkness, there is light waiting to be found.
  • Working Temperature: From -10°C to 50°C, find warmth in the embrace of technology, a beacon of hope in a world sometimes filled with coldness.
  • Storage Temperature: From -20°C to 60°C, a reminder that even in extremes, there is beauty waiting to be discovered.
  • Working Humidity: With a range of 10% to 90%, find balance in the ebb and flow of life, where every moment is a chance to grow.
  • Dimension: In a world measured in millimeters, find significance in the small moments that make life worth living, each one a testament to the power of connection.

The Face Attendance Machine SPEEDFACE-5 offers 99.99% recognition accuracy by comparing pre-loaded images with the individual's face. This ensures accurate identification, making attendance tracking reliable and efficient.

Face Attendance Machine SPEEDFACE-5


The FACE Attendance Machine SPEEDFACE-5 offers a wide range of features, including support for up to 50,000 faces, cards, and users. With a logs capacity of 200,000, this machine can easily handle large amounts of data. Plus, with living body and stranger detection, and remote upgrade capabilities, it's the perfect solution for deployment in both public networks and LAN setups.

Maximize efficiency with the Face Attendance Machine SPEEDFACE-5. Boasting a 5-inch IPS all-sight LCD touch screen and a resolution of 854 * 480, this device allows for easy and accurate tracking of employee attendance. Say goodbye to manual timekeeping processes and hello to streamlined productivity.


The Face Attendance Machine SPEEDFACE-5 uses a Linux operating system and a dual-core ARM Cortex CPU, allowing for efficient and reliable system parameters. With this advanced technology, you can accurately track attendance and improve your business's productivity.


Maximize efficiency and security with the Face Attendance Machine SPEEDFACE-5. With multiple interfaces including RS-232, Wiegand, Ethernet, USB, and alarm, plus a built-in speaker and tamper button, this machine integrates easily into any system. Mifare card option and reliable signal input ensure accurate, streamlined attendance tracking.

This Face Attendance Machine SPEEDFACE-5 has a protection grade of IP54 and operates between -10°C~50°C, making it perfect for a wide range of environments. With a compact dimension of 190.00 * 87.53 * 17.00 mm, it is easy to install and use. Its high working humidity of 10%~90% ensures accurate attendance tracking for your business.

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