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[video width="864" height="1920" webm=""][/video] Want all the advanced contactless credentials in a single and compact yet attractive box? Matrix COSEC ARGO FACEI is an all-in-one box product only for your organization. This door controller is powered with advanced face recognition technology. COSEC ARGO FACE is also equipped with two cameras, an IR camera for live detection and a surveillance-grade camera for user identification. With a blend of performance and aesthetics, this device is the right choice for any modern organization.

Biometric Face Attendance Machine

Key Features: New-age Contactless credentials Face Recognition, BLE with Mobile, RF Card and PIN Dual Verification for Higher Security Deep Learning Technology Live Face Detection to Eliminate Masquerades Convolutional Neural Network-based Matching Higher Capacity 200,000 Templates (1:1 and 1:N) 50,000 Users 5,00,000 Events High Accuracy IR Camera and Industry Grade Surveillance Camera Exceptional Colored Image at Low Light Stable Performance at Varying Light Conditions Higher Speed High Speed Processor Identification in <1 Second Better User Experience Walk, Look and Go Mark Attendance Using Special Functions from Device UI/UX Very High Throughput   Matrix COSEC Device-based Face Recognition is a unique solution that offers accurate user identification even in challenging working conditions. It is specifically designed for timeattendance and access control applications. It works in two modes: standalone and server mode. Furthermore, using a proper setup for User Temperature Screening enables a touch-free temperature screening terminal for the employees to enter the premises. Hence, eliminating the manual temperature reading process and replacing it with an advanced and much safer one. This setup notifies the authorities in case of exceptions. FEATURES:
  • Attendance Marking and Control the Access from as far as 8 Feet
  • Integrate User Temperature Screening Terminal
  • Ideal for One-to-Many (1:N)
  • Detection in Less than 1 Sec
  • Accurate in Low Light and Varying User Height
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