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License for VARTA Soft Clients with Essential Features for PRASAR UCS [su_table]
No. of Users: 50
Register Android/iOS/Windows Desktop UC Clients
Not Required for Hardware IP-phones
Three-party Audio Conf., Video Call, Instant Messaging, Voice Mail, Auto Sign-in, Corporate Directory, Hold, Transfer, Presence, DND, Intercom
Note: Require equivalent number of IP User License to be pre-activated.
[/su_table] [caption id="attachment_22513" align="aligncenter" width="972"]anant server based uc platform Anant Server Based UC Platform[/caption] PRASAR VARTA USER50E [su_button url="" target="blank" style="soft" center="yes" icon="icon: envelope-o" text_shadow="0px 0px 0px #000000" desc="Download Datasheet"] PRASAR VARTA USER50E[/su_button]


ANANT UNIFIED COMMUNICATION SOFTWARE Traditional hardware-based PBXs are slowly getting replaced by open server-based telephony systems. This is largely because hardware-based PBXs create hardware dependency, require manual up-gradation and incur heavy wiring cost. Matrix has designed an enterprise-grade highly capable, durable, scalable, and efficient Unified Communication Software solution – ANANT UCS. The hardware-independent platform provides customers with a choice to select a reliable server as per their requirements. With a range of enterprise-grade calling features, it improves employees’ productivity and speeds up the decision-making process. ANANT UCS connects all the employees on a single platform. The employees can connect from anywhere at any time by installing Matrix VARTA on Laptops /Tablets /PCs /Smartphones devices of their choice. Our UC Server offers a range of enterprise-grade calling features that improve employees’ productivity and speeds up the decision making process. With an in-call redundant system, ANANT UCS boasts of providing the best customer engagement. By integrating ANANT with VoIP Gateways and IP Phones, customer requirements with multiple location communication set-up can be met.


  • 5000 IP Users
  • 1024 Concurrent Calls
  • 512 Three Party Conference
  • 64 Simultaneous Call Recording

Key Features

  • Hardware Independence
  • Active-standby Redundancy
  • RAID1 and RAID5 Support
  • Mobility
  • Auto Sign-in for Softphone
  • LDAP Client Support
  • Built-in Auto-attendant and Voicemail
  • Auto Sync Configuration
  • Scheduled Back-up
  • Integration with VoIP Gateways
  • Unified Messaging
  • Room Monitor
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Hotline


Parameter Details
SIP Extensions 5000
SIP Trunks 99
Maximum Transcoding Audio Calls (a-Law/u-Law) Based on Resources (Max. 1024)
Maximum Transcoding Audio Calls (G.729 Based on Resources (Max. 1024)
Maximum DRTP/RTP Relay Audio Calls 1024
Maximum DRTP/RTP Relay Video Calls 102
Maximum Voicemail Channels 64
Maximum Conference Participants (System wide) 1536
Maximum 3-Party Conference 512
Maximum Participants in a Single Multi-Party or Dial-In Conference 64
Maximum Call Tapping or Recordings 64
Audio Codecs G.729, G.711(A-law, μ-law), G.722, iLBC (30 ms, 20 ms)
Supported IETF RFCs 3261, 3262, 3389, 3550, 3551, 3311, 3265, 4733, 2915, 2916, 2327, 2833, 2806, 768, 793, 1034
Network Protocols IPv6, IPv4, TCP, UDP, SNTP, ARP, ICMP, PPP, DNS, SMTP, STUN
VoIP Quality of Service Support of Layer 2/3 CoS/QoS for SIP Support of Layer 3 QoS for RTP
Security SRTP/TLS over SIP, MD5 Authentication for SIP, Password encrypted with AES128 algorithm
Configuration Web-Based Intuitive GUI, Jeeves


Parameter Details
Server Model Any
Processor Model Intel Xeon E-2134 or above
CPU Speed 3.5 GHz or above
CPU Core/Thread 4/8
Max Turbo Frequency 4.5 GHz or above
Cache 8 MB Smart Cache
Hard Disk 1 TB (1 No.) - Without RAID Support 1 TB (2 Nos.) - With RAID1 Support 1 TB (3 Nos.) - With RAID5 Support
Form Factor 1U (RACK)
Raid Controller (Optional) H330 Raid Controller*
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