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Smart Door Lock for Home eSSL FL 300

Smart Door Lock for Home eSSL FL 300

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Smart Door Lock for Home eSSL FL 300

Password based door lock system

Get a fingerprint, password-based door locking system for your home. Intelligent Smart Door Lock [caption id="attachment_24628" align="aligncenter" width="660"]Smart Home Security Smart Digital Door Locks[/caption] Most Affordable Smart locks - Connected locks for the main door With fingerprint PIN RFID. Secure your Home Unique Design. No need to carry keys. If you're tired of losing your home keys time and again, and want a safer option to safeguard your home-sweet-home, then this Smart Door Lock for Home eSSL FL 300 can take your security to next level. [su_table]
Technical Specification of eSSL FL 300
Main Body Material Alum. Alloy
Bolt Material ZINC ALLOY
Fingerprint Capacity 100
ID Card Capacity 99
Password Capacity 30
Voice Guidance Yes
Handing Universal
Fingerprint Sensor semiconductor
Fingerprint Users ( no) 100
Emergency Key Type S-slot multi-track
Emergency Key (no) 2
Card Type Like Mifare/14.7 Mhz+_0.3
Card Users ( No) up to 99, box put 2
Keypad Type Touchpad
Code Length 8
Pin Code ( Users) 5 master+15 user+10
Working Voltage 6V
Battery 4 AA
Working Temp ( Degree Celsius) minus 25 to 70 degree
Emergency Power Like 5 V Micro USB
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